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Quilting a Baby Sea Turtle (5/8/2020)

I redesigned and shrunk the larger sea turtle design!  I will be offering a number of these smaller sea turtles in the near future.  You can follow along to see what goes into quilting these beauties. 




Utility Stitched Flower (10/2/19)
I've been designing new decorative stitches mini landscapes.  The centerpiece for this is a single large tree, but the tree is surrounded by flowers and other elements.  This is a demo of a flower that I designed with various elongated stitches.

A broad collection of some of my artwork

This video is a compact selection of some of my artwork.   It includes a few fabric-based wall hangings and a few that I have yet to release 'into the wild'


Another broad collection of some of my artwork/strong>
This video shows a complete line of my currently available artwork - it's kind of long!


Quilting the pineapple
I love quilting the pineapple pattern! This demonstrates the process I go through for quilting a basic pineapple.


Quilting the Big Boy
This is the largest acrylic pineapple that I've created.  The quilting the pineapple clocks in at 30 minutes, quilting the entire piece ran closer to 1 hour 45 minutes.