Original Artwork Fabric Trivets

One of the most fascinating things that  I've accomplished in the last year was to create fabric versions of my original artwork.

Spoonflower is a print-on-demand service that lets you do just that. 

You can visit the Geek In Stitches Spoonflower Store to purchase fat quarters or multi-yard cuts of my artwork fabric or if you just want single panels, I stock a few in the Geek In Stitches Online Shop.

State of Georgia Themes

Some of the ideas that I come up with have been simmered on the back burners of my mind for a long time. Then, one day one of them flies off the stove.

That's what happened when I came up with the idea to create my Georgia Pride fabric art series.

Y'all Means All was my first idea.

What better way to encompass the All aspect by transforming our state's shape into a rainbow.  I've used a few different fabric lines that I fell in love with.  The metallic speckles fabric is the newest version.

Acrylic Painted Progressive Pride Flags

I have developing a really cool series of projects over the last couple of weeks.

I became enthralled with the progressive pride flag, or as I like to call it the Inclusive Pride Flag.   It includes the trans and people of color groups into the overall rainbow.

The Inclusive Rainbow flag uses 11 different colors, so that means in order to recreate it with acrylic painted canvases-  11 different painted canvases!

Holiday Hooray is a go!


I am thrilled to announce that the 14th Annual Indie South Holiday Hooray is on in Athens, GA!

This will be an outdoor event with strict face mask and social distancing requirements.

There will be over 75 vendors, including Geek in Stitches.  I will be there with my first 10x10 canopy!

Migrating from Craft Show to Square Shop

There are definitely a lot adaptability going on for everyone these days. 

The craft show circuit has been hit hard.  

All of the local venues have canceled their craft show events.  I was really looking forward to making solid advances in 2020.   

We are all hopeful that they can be rescheduled at sometime in the future.

Like most people, I have been performing my IT job at home.  Things are finally somewhat moving into a new rhythm.

I will finally begin moving more of my handcrafted products to my Square Shop.

Quilted Fabric Mosaic Designs

This is a sneak peak!

I have been working on a number of designs that are created to look like mosaic tiles.  These are all created with fabric, quilted and will be framed.

I have started with sea turtles and will be expanding to include other designs.  These should start to be available by mid to late March 2020.

New items arriving at my show booth

I have been developing a new of new items that I'm excited to bring to my show booths.  The first 4 are ready to make their appearance at the Indie South Handmade Lovers Valentine craft show.

The first item is a large variety of key chain fobs, featuring a great many fabric combinations.  These are just a few...

Patterned and textured fabric styles...

Floral styles...