About Me

I have worked in the higher education IT field for over 26 years and I proudly wear the word geek. 

My grandmother has sewn and quilted her entire life and she's given me a number of her quilts. One day in 2016 as I was looking over them, it occurred to me that I could try doing this! 

I did try and I spent a 2-3 years experimenting with smaller pieces. 

Along the way I decided to merge these two worlds of IT and sewing to become: The Geek In Stitches.  

We also love Charleston, SC and have spent the last 16+ years visiting the area.  It has greatly influenced my art, specifically with pineapples.   I have developed a number of unique pineapple and palmetto themed items.   I particularly enjoy mashing pineapple and the LGBT rainbow together. 

I discovered the world of quilting acrylic canvases in early 2018.  I fell in loved with it.  I've developed a number of very unique vibrant styles around pineapples and hope to take this in new and interesting directions.

I've been steadily adding things to my Etsy shop to help support my addiction to the creation of artwork!