Migrating from Craft Show to Square Shop

There are definitely a lot adaptability going on for everyone these days. 

The craft show circuit has been hit hard.  

All of the local venues have canceled their craft show events.  I was really looking forward to making solid advances in 2020.   

We are all hopeful that they can be rescheduled at sometime in the future.

Like most people, I have been performing my IT job at home.  Things are finally somewhat moving into a new rhythm.

I will finally begin moving more of my handcrafted products to my Square Shop.

I will begin rewriting all my website content to reference the online shop.   I have started by posting a number of face masks that have been finished with many more to come within the next week.

Keychain fobs and more trivets will follow within the next week or two.

I still need to build frames for the fabric mosaic art pieces, so that may be 2-3 weeks out.

So, in short, stay tuned!

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